Talent Management

Always dream of becoming an influencer? Or just want to boost your numbers?

Grow your audience

Discover the best methods to growing your audience across social media channels. No fake accounts or buying followers here!

Find your talents

Unlike most other management, we will help find and define your best talents to increase your chances of success.

Get on tour

Ever want to be a part of a social media tour? We have the connections to help get you in a show once you are ready for it!

Not looking for management but need help with professional photos or videos?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many followers do I have to have to work with you?
None! You can even start from a brand new account and we will help you grow from scratch!
Do you take any percentages of what I make as a talent?
No! You keep all of your earnings. The purpose of our company is to help your social media channels grow so that you can attract more fans and opportunities, not to earn from your success as most talent managers do.
Am I under any kind of contract?
It depends. With our most basic plan, “Just Grow” you are not under any formal contract at all! Some other plans require a minimum of 6 or 12 month contracts, and these are only in place to help ensure you see results. You are still able to sign up with an agency or manager while under any of our plans, as we do not take any cut of what you make.
How many Instagram followers will I gain?
This is a hard question to answer as there are many factors involved. However we believe that if you follow our guidelines you should expect to see steady growth and better engagement. If choosing a plan with our automated tools, you should expect to see over 10k followers in less than a year!
Will you help me get on a tour?
If you are choosing our Next Level plan, then yes as soon as we feel you have the numbers to justify it! We have connections to all of the major social media tours and some smaller ones as well.
How will you help me find my talents?
It’s natural to want to be famous. We will help you find your best talent or skill to make you more appealing to potential fans, sponsors, agencies, and tour managers to bring you on board!
Why is the Next Level plan so expensive?
You may think spending over $500 a month on social media marketing is expensive, however choosing this plan will help you get many opportunities to earn all of this money back, and then some! Just by being a social media influencer and posting on your channels under our guidance, you will soon start to realize the benefits that will continue even after our plan has completed. Trust us, it’s worth it.
Why should I sign up for your program instead of getting a regular manager?
Managers pick and choose who they take, where as we will work with anyone! Also managers typically collect 15-25% of whatever you make for as long as you’re under contract with them, and then some! We charge a flat monthly rate, and you keep all of your earnings. What may cost you a little up front, will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars later on.
Can I upgrade my plan?
Yes! If you would like to upgrade you can at any time and simply pay the difference in the setup fee and renew your contract at the new rate.